General Information


The door is an integral part of the GSW Office walls. They are characterized by high aesthetic values and guarantee soundproofing just like the whole system. To enable the installation of doors on each wall, the system provides many variants of frames - adapted to both single and double-glazed glass walls, as well as traditional partition walls. An undoubted advantage of the mentioned solutions is their compatibility with all available types of GSW Office doors. Thanks to this, the investor has full freedom of choosing the door in every place of the project.


GSW Office doors are offered in four variants of door frames:

  • for GSW Office single-glazed glass wall - GSW Office H version
  • for a double glazed wall - GSW Office Plus H version
  • adjoining to the wall - GSW Office L version
  • covering the wall - GSW Office C version

System features

  • wide selection - any type of door frame can be equipped with all Glass System doors - glass, aluminum frame and wooden with glazing or without,
  • many variants of frames - assembly in a single-glazed, double-glazed, or directly in the masonry,
  • profiles matched with dimensions and finish to the basic assembly profile of GSW Office,
  • symmetrical design - for left and right doors,
  • EasyFix - a convenient way of fixing the hinges and the latch plate of the lock - eliminating the need to prefabricate the profiles thanks to the sliding assembly elements,
  • variety of configurations - the door can be additionally equipped with an electric lock and/or a door closer and a falling gasket.

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