One of the most important Glass System products is the system for construction of glass walls in public buildings and shopping centers.

GSW Pro stands for the highest standards of safety, confirmed in relevant tests, which are a must in the case of areas with increased risk of accidents and improper use.

The design of the system is characterized by versatility and ease of use. Clamp fasteners ensure a stable structure consisting of a glass pane fixed only along two edges. As it is not necessary to use vertical profiles, the system gains a better appearance, which is further improved by the possibility to select profile colours that meet the customer’s needs.

The GSW Pro system enables using frameless glass swing doors, also in locations where they are used frequently.


Category of use (ETAG 003) IV
Category of space (PN-EN 1991-1-1-2004) A, B, C, D, E
Type of glass ESG 10, 12
Max height (mm) 3500 (ESG 10) / 4500 (ESG 12)
Max door dimensions (mm) 2400 x 2800 (ESG 10) / 2400 x 3200 (ESG 12)
Material/surface Anodized aluminium / Aluminium RAL / Brushed stainless steel
Approval document ETA-15/0867
Technical characteristics
  • two types of mounting profiles: 50 mm or 110 mm high (the 110 mm profile is intended for locations that require additional protection of glass near the floor, e.g. due to the use of cleaning machines);
  • guaranteed stability and strength of the structure: the glass is fastened with special fixing clamps;
  • easy and convenient installation of the walls: possibility of many changes in position of the clamps along the symmetrical base profile whose centerline is the same as the centerline of the glass pane. Special spacers, as a part of the system, enable setting different distances without the need to use non-original elements;
  • unique appearance: the covers are made of aluminium or stainless steel and are clip-on fastened to the fixing clamps. It's intended to fix the covers on after all other work is completed at the construction site, which helps avoiding the risk of damage.

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