GSW Pro - Door

The GSW Pro D uses profiles with design analogous to GSW Pro glass wall system, making them ideally match each other and thogether form a consistent visual effect. Made of tempered glass, the door leaf is mounted on the floor spring or, alternatively, on the free swing floor pivot, thus functioning as a swing door. This solution allows the use of such doors in areas of high frequency such as public utilities, shopping malls or as entrance doors. Door leaf can be fixed in the top and bottom profiles, or - in case of the glass above the door - mounted in top corner fittings.



Durability* Class 7 (500 000 cycles**)
Type of glass ESG 10, 12
Max. height (mm) 3000 (ESG 10) / 3500 (ESG 12)
Max. width (mm) 1200
Material/finish Anodized aluminium / RAL aluminium / Brushed stainless steel
*according to EN 12400 **test in progress

System features

  • Swing door mounted in glass wall or independently in the wall,,
  • Profiles of 100 mm height - compatible with GSW Pro glass wall system,
  • Guarantee of stability and durability of the construction - fixing glass in special clamping clamps,
  • Easy and convenient door installation - the possibility to prepare profiles and cut to a specific width of the wing on the site,
  • Cover profiles made of aluminum or stainless steel, snap-fit to the clamping clamp. Possibility to assemble the cover after completion of all other works on the site - no risk of destruction,
  • Possibility of equipping the door with a floor spring (i.e. GEZE) and lock (WSS).

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