GSW Office Plus

Glass System has developed an original solution designed specifically for the most requiring silence office space.

Thanks to double glazing, GSW Office Plus offers the highest acoustic insulation performance of all Glass System products - RW up to 51 dB.

At the same time construction of mounting profile with a height of only 35 mm it is fully consistent with all GSW Office family products, so you can successfully combine interior design with single- and double-glazed walls.



Category of use (ETAG 003) IV
Category of space(PN-EN 1991-1-1-2004) A, B, C, D, E
Type of glass ESG 10, 12; VSG 55.1, 55.2, 66.1, 66.2, 88.2*
Max height (mm) 3400**
Max door dimensions (mm) Go to GSW Office - Doors
Acoustic insulation Rw max 51 dB / RA1 max 50 dB
Material/surface Anodized aluminum /Aluminum RAL
Approval document ETA-17/1050
* zastosowanie szkła 88.2 wymaga dodatkowej konsultacji
** powyżej 2800 mm zaleca się stosowanie szkła ESG 12 lub VSG 66.1 / 66.2 / 88.2

System features

  • double glazed wall system with 35mm mounting profile, consistent with all GSW Office products,
  • high acoustic insulation parameters: Rw up to 51 dB - for use in rooms requiring attention,
  • quick and easy assembly thanks to a system of spacers and special plates for glass protection during installation,
  • system with CE marking based on European Technical Assessment issued by the Building Research Institute after safety and acoustic tests,
  • various finishing options - aluminum profiles available in a wide range of anodic or powder coating colors with the matching color of gaskets.

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