GSW Office

Glass System has developed an unique solution intended especially for construction of partition walls in offices.

What sets the GSW Office system apart from other of this type is its light and simple structure. It has been designed to allow use either toughened or laminated glass (including laminated glass with a sound-insulating film).

One of the key features of the system is its airtightness, which guarantees improved sound insulation characteristics. This applies not only to fixed components but also to doors.



Category of use (ETAG 003) IV
Category of space(PN-EN 1991-1-1-2004) A, B, C, D, E
Type of glass ESG 10, 12, VSG* 55.1, 66.1, 66.2, 88.2*
Max height (mm) 3400**
Max door dimensions (mm) Go to GSW Office - Doors
Acoustic insulation Rw max 40 dB / RA1 max 39 dB
Material/surface Anodized aluminum /Aluminum RAL
Approval document ETA -16/0446
* the use of glass 88.2 requires additional consultation
** above 2800 mm it is recommended to use glass ESG 12 or VSG 66.X / 88.X
System features
  • small and light mounting profile, 35 mm high symmetrical structure of the system: the centerline of the base profile is aligned with the centerline of the glass panel,
  • convenient and quick installation of walls: an innovative fastening system that uses special plastic holders for the glass pane. Special spacers, as a part of the system, enable setting different distances without need of use non-original elements,
  • improved noise insulation thanks to gaskets that fasten the glass and to the fact that adjacent glass panes are connected using special tapes,
  • unique appearance: the covers are made of aluminium and are clip-on fastened to the base profile. Fastening gaskets in different colours.

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