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The scope of application of glass in architecture is practically unlimited: glass can be used wherever modern appearance, space, aesthetics, and ecology are important. GSW glass systems are suitable for multiple applications and work very well in shopping centers, offices and service buildings, or even in private homes. What distinguishes them from competing products is their performance and aesthetic characteristics.

The different applications are specified in European standards as categories of space premises and categories of use.

Category of space Purpose Category of use
A Residential I / II IV*
B Office
C Meetings and gatherings III
D Commercial
E Warehouse
 * When a defect or damage may lead to the risk of falling onto the floor on the floor below. Classification according to EN 1991-1-1:2004 and ETAG 003  

Depending on the category, walls must meet specific strength and sound insulation criteria. The related parameters depend on both the type of glass and the fastening system.

In order to achieve high strength, tempered glass is used. On the other hand, laminated glass with sound-insulating film has better sound-insulation characteristics.

Wherever large glass walls are used and/or where walls are subject to larger service loads, e.g. in shopping malls, it is necessary to use fastening systems that guarantee stability and safety.

In locations where such features as minimal form and acoustic characteristics are the most important, e.g. in office spaces, smaller profiles are used, which nevertheless ensure better insulation.

Similar criteria apply to doors used in different types of walls. In buildings that are used more frequently, frameless, swing doors are used most often, whereas in offices doors are smaller and often installed in door frames that ensure insulation.

Glass System products are designed minding the specific variants of application, as it is shown in a table below.

GSW Pro GSW Office GSW Office Plus GSW Office FR
Category of use IV III / IV IV IV
Max. height (mm) 4500 3200 / 3400 3400 3000
Type of glass (wall) ESG 10, 12 ESG 10, 12
VSG 55.X, 66.X, 88.X
ESG 10, 12
VSG 55.X, 66.X, 88.X
Vetrotech Contraflam Structure 30, Structure 30 Lite
AGC Pyrobel 16VL, 25VL
Acoustic characteristics not tested RW max 40 dB
RA1 max 39 dB
RW max 56 dB
RA1 max 53 dB
RW max 42 dB
RA1 max 41 dB
Fire resistance - - - EI 15 / EI 30 / EI 60

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