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Glass railing systems are an important part of modern architecture. Thanks to the exceptional aesthetic qualities, they are used inside and outside of the buildings more often. Such structures provides a unique character for residential and commercial facilities, such as offices, shopping centers, etc.

Due to the utility character of glass railings the safety aspects are crutial during design stage, particularly the strength of the railing with various loads that depends on place of installation.


Category Purpose Horizontal load
A Mieszkanie 0,5 kN/m
B Office
C Assemblage 1,0 kN/m (3,0 kN*)
D Commercial
E Warehouses 2,0 kN/m
* refers to C5 (public spaces available for a crowd, for example concert halls, sport halls with grandstands. Classification according to PN-EN 1991-1-1-2004

Each glass railing for safety reasons should be carried out in accordance with individual design documentation ensuring the safety of use.

Due to the fact that in full glass railings the glass is the main structural material, it must provide the stability of the structure in every conditions – also in case of partial damage, and this is the reason that such structures are made of tempered and laminated glass, and the handrail is mounted on the upper edge of the railing.

The handrail, besides aesthetic feature, is primarily a structural element with the purpose to keep the glass panel in case of damage and prevent the breakdown of continuity of the railing, and it also protects the exposed edge of glass panel in the place where tempered glass, as a part of package, is most susceptible to damage.

The method of the railing attachment to the building structure is also very important. The system profile can be directly attached to reinforced concrete or with the use of different assembly consoles.

There are several variants of profiles available in the Glass System offer, due to different design solutions. Each profile and glass were subjected to strenght tests in various assembly configurations. In order to ensure the safety GS Railings were also subjected to load tests (transfer of horizontal forces, impact resistance).


GS Railing
Strength 1,0 kN/m
Max height (mm) 1300
Type of glass VSG ESG 88.2, 88.4, 1010.2, 1010.4
Approval document Individual documentation

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