Glass system

About us

Our company is a supplier of comprehensive glass architectural systems. Our products enable versatile use of glass, both indoor and on building facades.

We provide our own innovative solutions that can be used in all types of spaces: commercial, service, office, and residential.

What makes us different from our competitors is our own design office which is capable of preparing even the most complex designs that meet unique needs of our customers.

Our products meet the highest quality standards. This is confirmed by certificates that have been issued after tests.

wytrzymalosc Strength The GSW Pro and GSW Office Systems have been tested by the Building Research Institute according to ETAG 003 and received the European Technical Assessment (ETA) document
dzwiekoszczelnosc Noise insulation The GSW Office system has been tested by the Building Research Institute in accordance with the EN ISO 10140-2:2010 standard

Our goal is to create original and useful solutions that meet the needs of our customers, architects, and contractors.

All original Glass System products are made in Poland. The continuous quality control that is implemented at individual production stages guarantees the highest quality and precise finish.

Together with our products, we offer our long experience. We build strong relations with our customers that are based on the highest level of services.


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